Back in April 2017 I received an Email that was wondering if I would be interested in 
     showing my wooden castle blocks in a Subaru commercial. Here it is


a montage of castle blocks and arches

 Highly detailed Wooden Castle Building Blocks

200 piece deluxe castle building block set
200pc Deluxe Castle Blocks

 67 piece castle building block set
67pc Castle Blocks

133 piece castle building block set
133pc Castle Blocks 

20 piece Basic beginner block set
20pc Basic Beginner 

25 piece Desktop Castle block set
25pc DeskTop Castle

30 piece Desktop castle block set
30pc DeskTop Castle

15 piece and 8 piece arch block sets

36 piece Desktop castle block set with a 9 piece arch

Arch Sets
Coming soon

36pc DeskTop Castle

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