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133 piece Hardwood
Castle Building Blocks

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                                                            "133 piece Castle Building Blocks"            
Here are two opposite views of the same Castle. 
Although they may look alike, one view is from the front, and the other from the back. 
As you can see there is lots of detail all the way around.
 The Castle pictured here stands 22" tall. The two Roman arches have a 41/8" inside diameter.








Handcrafted  from renewable hardwoods currently a mixture of  Cherry, and Birch .
Available with or without a Danish oil finish  step by step Illustrated Instructions and a money back guarantee.

133 piece Castle Building Blocks w Danish Oil Finish $219.00

133 piece Castle Building Blocks / unfinished $169.00

International orders

To Canada and Mexico the 133pc sets require an additional $33.00 in postage        $33.00

To Europe, Australia and everywhere else an additional $54.00 in postage        $54.00

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 Video of the 133 piece castle pictured above
being built block by block.


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