200 piece Deluxe

Castle Building Blocks

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Here are opposite views of the same 200 piece Castle
The 200 piece Castle actually is a combination of three components 
133 piece Castle Blocks 
65 piece Round Tower
 two large one piece Roman Arches
The  Round Tower has 8 layers with many pieces that can be arranged in a manner  to 
create ledges to carry decorative pieces, and to form bridges. 
The Large Roman Arches are one solid piece, giving  your creations greater stability,
 variety, and the ability to span greater distances. 


200 piece Castle Blocks w Danish Oil Finish $322.00 

200 piece Castle Blocks / unfinished $252.00 

To the right are random photos of the 200piece deluxe set. 
The darker Castles are Cherry, and Maple treated with Linseed Oil.



Below are 8 different views of the Castle pictured above. Starting at the front and 
rotating clockwise as you scroll right across the page.
Each view has two pictures, one is of the completed castle 
the other show a version reveling the foundation
 and the placement of the ledges.