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      I use" Watco Danish Oil- Natural" because it can be found in just about every hardware store that you walk into and it's easier to use and cures a lot faster then the pure oils, 
  Watco's proven reliability has made it a most popular oil finish for many years. It soaks deep into the wood and protects from within so it dries in the wood not on the wood. It will never flake, chip or peel. It's a wipeable penetrating finish with the combined properties of tung oil, linseed oil and other fortifying resins.

    Liberally oil each block, place them on a brown paper bag, not news paper the ink can get on the blocks, allow to soak in, after 30 minuets wipe dry and after another 30 minutes turn the blocks over to check them for bleeding, that's when the oil can seep causing tacky areas that will not properly cure, especially if it's to hot, so be sure to oil them in a well ventilated area and don't allow them to come in contact with the sun before fully cured or they will bleed, this is the most important step.
    Then after 2 hours turn and check them again.

 I called the 800 number on the can and spoke to the technicians and they assured me that when fully cured the finish is non-toxic. On the can it reads ready for use in 8 to 10 hours, reading further it says if you wish to apply an optional topcoat wait 72 hours. To me that means it's not fully cured until 72 hours. To be on safe side wait until all of the heavy aroma is gone and then some.

   If you decide to finish your blocks yourself treat your project as finishing 133 individual  pieces, not one box of blocks. Once you start you can't stop you may want to divide the blocks into several groups?

Unfinished and Finished

It is not absolutely necessary to finish your blocks, with time and handling 
they will
naturally darken to achieve that disable patina. 
I personally like the finished look, it's like comparing a piece of unfinished furniture to a piece that is finished
the tone of the wood will deepen considerably, especially reds or browns.
 Finished your blocks can be displayed on a table and become an elegant room accent,
  available for friends and family to play with this very engaging conversation piece.
Not simply a child's toy!



For the do-it-yourselfers here is a link to a on-line store that carries a large selection of penetrating oils. Some are pure oils with no drying agents, like the Tried&True brand  Danish Oil that is a pure highly refined Polymerized Linseed Oil. It is 100% solids, solvent free, and contains no heavy metal driers.


Here is an interesting article I found at  Popular Woodworking.com 
about wood finishes and food-safeness


The Folly of Food-Safe Finishes

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